Adult video chat bots

Chris Messina of taxi disrupter app Uber popularised the phase “conversational commerce” to describe the trend.Messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Slack and Whats App have quickly become the most popular way to communicate, with more than 80 billion messages sent every day, providing the perfect environment for conversational commerce.

When it comes to artificial intelligence versus emotional intelligence, there is no substitute for the human touch,” says Mr Levene.There is no shortage of voice search services, such as Microsoft’s Cortana and Android’s Ok Google, available on both mobile and desktop devices.“The interesting thing about voice-recognition technology and conversational commerce is the level of intimacy it brings to interactions.They essentially make your life more shoppable,” says Ms Greene.When speech-recognition software was initially released, it failed to meet many users’ high expectations, due to widespread problems around understanding even basic responses.

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