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his is a history of a hostile building, and it ends in the dark. In a "deluxe" room, a guy is luxuriating in the comforts of dungeon amenities. "I'm not certain if the AIDS problem has affected [Club Z] members who seem to be caught in a time warp, putting forth their strong 'macho' type image, cavorting like 'trash' in the unlit 'maze'/orgy area," Vincent wrote. Down the hall, in a bigger room, a black guy pushes a dildo into a white guy's spread-open butt, holds it at crotch level and pretend-fucks with it, loses interest in what he's doing, removes the dildo, hops off the bed, and walks out. That year in , writer Joel Vincent described Club Z as "much more 'hardcore'" than other bathhouses in town and described an interaction with an employee who turned out to be tripping on acid. The door that faces his door is also open, the walls inside that room swimming in blue light, the guy on the bed riveted to the TV or asleep with his eyes open. The building is at 1117 Pike Street, between Boren and Melrose Avenues, one of the most trafficked blocks in the city, but you've likely never noticed it. Club Z attracts clientele like the "total bottom" looking "to get fucked over and over" who often posts on Monday night "fuck fests" at Club Z, giving out his room number and an enchanting, "Come on down, it's gonna get sloppy." Club Z had developed its reputation for raunch and drugs as early as 1985.He has a sling hanging from the ceiling above his bed but apparently he doesn't have the energy to climb into it. Club Z (AKA Zodiac Social Club) is closing its doors after 35 years. A sauna has replaced the steam room but nothing can replace the raw energy of the male sex, from vanilla to chocolate, that happened within its walls.Carlos Adams, who runs the club, did not respond to repeated attempts to contact him.Countless phone calls to the owner of the building—who is going to replace it with a mixed-use structure of condos and ground-level retail—went unreturned.For more than two years, the architect seeing the project through, Kenn Rupard—who is listed as the contact for the project on permits and public documents—has never answered or returned any of my calls.How else can you learn about a building if no one associated with it will talk to you?

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Society has taken away everything from Gays except sex, which is the driving force on this planet.

I visited Club Z more than once in the course of working on this story, and I've seen strung-out men, and out-of-their-heads-desperate-looking men, and men who are way too attractive to be doing what they're doing to the guys they're doing it to but carry on with a kind of generous boredom, and a number of naked men of all ages and sizes fast asleep, blacked out, dreaming. I don't know anything at all." It's possible Janow and the art-supply store guys don't know anything about Club Z because none of them are gay men. It is known as a locus for extreme sex, drugs, and rough stuff, attracting "the leather/daddy/sleaze types," writes a user on an anonymous-sex website.

Many appear to have, in one way or another, checked out. His wife says, "It's an eyesore." Since its construction in 1906, the building has had many commercial incarnations, with storefronts, but now every window on its face is boarded over. One afternoon, employees of the Utrecht Art Supply store across the street were staring out at it, in full agreement. Just a coat of paint would help." One said something about the building's essence being "behind doors," and a third guy ventured, "I think actually the exterior makes you think it's worse than it is." The building is something Jill Janow wonders about—she is the neighborhood's city liaison and knows everything about the buildings in the area—because, as she puts it, "They didn't make friends with anybody.

Another ad in 1985 depicted a naked jock, his back toward you, with the words, "You'd better sit down for this." That's a butt-sex joke.

It's also what your doctor says to you when he has really bad news—and 1985 was a big year for bad news. Truth is, no one knows how many fewer men would have disappeared if the club had softened its ads or closed its doors. Hunter Handsfield, a professor of medicine at the UW Center for AIDS and STDs.

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