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------------------------------ Bill K: The photo you posted comes from Inquisition Live; specifically it was from a photo set called Cecilia.

To my knowledge there was never a video of this, and there was no BATS finale.

The flogging recommenced and the screams loudened as the straps struck virgin skin and the movement of her breasts caused the clamps to bite and pull on her poor nipples.

Blood began to ooze from where the teeth of the clamps bit and trickled slowly downwards.

Always good to see another edition of Margot's Chronicles and particularly nice for the end of the year.

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By now, I assume most GIMPers would know this, but for MAM newbies, it might bear mentioning.Kathryne's first posted image of 2015 reminded me a bit of the famous laser scene in the old James Bond film, Goldfinger--or at least it would if Bond was a woman with super-size breasts.I also heartily approve erodite's award of Amy Hesketh as Most Desirable Femme to be Flagellated.So I began the new year watching The Masked Seductive Heroine (ZDAD-39) with beautiful Yui Aikawa. As MAV mentioned, the GIMP highlights feature Yui bound AOH and taking a beating, with punches and blows to her front and back and even to her lovely face.The two drawbacks are that Yui is never stripped naked and that there isn't more variety in the GIMPage. S.) for a seven-day rental, which makes it worth checking out.

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