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I Heart Movies is a movie information site that's essentially trying to take on IMDb by combining detailed movie information with ratings, recommendations, and reviews.

One way where the site really sets itself apart is that users can use it to catalog and keep track of their DVD collections.

If it seems odd to see , well, it seemed odd to me at first as well.

But the logic makes sense — one of those two movies you enjoyed more than the other, so if you had to make a definitive list, which one would you pick?

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Film Crave is a fun movie rating and review social site that rewards users for participation using a points system.

In addition to message boards, IMDb offers cast and crew listings for the most comprehensive list of films and television shows you'll ever find, trivia, quotes, reviews, ratings, goofs, box office data, trailers, photos, news, show times, plot descriptions, filming locations, and more.

Thought it launched months earlier, Flixster started experiencing phenomenal growth in 2007, and really took off when it released its "Movies" application on Facebook, which remains one of that platform's most popular apps.

Here is a list of the top 10 best social networks for film buffs to hang out, discuss movies, get information about that latest films and upcoming releases, and meet other cinephiles. Owned by Amazon since 1998, IMDb is easily the most complete film and television reference on the Internet, and also one of the most vibrant social gathering places for film fans.

IMBd offers an extensive network of message boards, which though technologically dated, are extremely comprehensive content-wise.

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