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But, while I was in a meeting, the whole thing blew up.

I got back to my desk and my phone has literally not stopped ringing since then.

We organised for there to be bacon sandwiches as well as bacon-themed games, like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. So I came up with an idea for people to opt in to being social in the one place where Londoners spend a lot of time — the Tube.

I decided to hand out free buttons that said ‘Tube Chat’.

To go live instantly: Events give you more control of your stream.

You’ll be able to select privacy options, set a start time, enable a backup stream for redundancy, create multiple live events, and stream them all simultaneously.

For every live stream you create, you must proportionally increase your encoding and network resources.

For example, three simultaneous live streams would require you to triple your encoders and bandwidth.

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It was a catered event on a Friday afternoon, and even though it would mean a few hours off work only 30 people turned up – out of a couple of hundred.I was really disappointed; I’d worn shorts to work and everything.I’d arranged for ice cream to be brought out at the end of the event, but everyone left right at 5pm.I’d designated an hour to get rid of 500 – but after two and a half I’d only done 480.Only around 30 or 40 were actually interested in what I was doing. When I got home, I had a look on social media to see if anyone had discussed it – but there was nothing.

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