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The time I feel to discuss them with the patient is not only prior to surgery but, again after surgery as there will be information during the pre-operative briefing that will not be retained.In general the phases mentioned above tend to play out for the patient in the following way: 1.You will have obtained all the range of motion of the knee that you will get.Your strength gains however can always be improved in the muscles surrounding the knee.

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The best measure found to relieve the pain you will encounter during sleep is to move or pump the knee back and forth five to ten times as the knee gets stiff and the spasms occur. Post-Acute Phase: This phase kicks in from roughly week seven to week twelve.

The phases are the acute phase, the post-acute phase, and the long term healing phase.

These are phases that I have discovered are important for a patient to understand.

Residents can get their flu vaccine at their health care providers office, family doctor, participating pharmacies, and community clinics.

It is recommended residents contact participating pharmacies to ensure hours of service.

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