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I began to think they could be the cause of the problem,' says Dr Winhoven.Her suspicions were confirmed when a colleague in Finland, where there had been a similar outbreak, informed her there was, indeed, a link with a chemical used in the sofas.At first, his parents thought it was no more than a rash.Soon the rash had covered his entire body and turned into blisters.Lawyers representing victims claim Land of Leather and Walmsley Furnishing may not have done.Indeed, one of the sofas was still on sale this week at the Walmsley Furnishing showroom in Preston, Lancashire, for the knockdown price of £399.

More than 1,200 workers are employed at the Lianzi Furniture Company.But then cheap labour in the Guangdong province, the country's manufacturing base, equals fat profits for foreign firms which do business with China, the fastest growing economy in the world. The downside is that China is becoming the Arthur Daley of international trade, struggling to match quality with quantity. Toys, including Barbie dolls, coated with lead paint had to be removed from shops last year; Bindeez beads feared to contain date rape drug GHB; toothpaste with the same ingredients used to make anti-freeze.Now dodgy sofas - and, some might say, dodgy safeguards for consumers.Most are paid 1,500 yuan a month (£110), and some as little as 770 yuan (£57).The average monthly wage in China is 2,077 yuan (£154).

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