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The Featherweight Shop has a great commemorating one hundred years of Singer sewing machines, so the badge on the front machine also tells you the date.Grandpa Bert used to tell me, "a place for everything, and everything in its place." Likewise "a time for everything, and everything takes time." Wicked Witch of the West, "all in good time my pretty, all in good time." Early Featherweights like mine have Singer logo sitting high on the light bulb housing.Since machines didn't leave the plant in the order of their serial numbers in fact, not even close!And there are many serial numbers, mostly the more singer 221 featherweight dating FW's, that Singer is unable to give any estimate of build date on.The later throat plate has seam allowance markings. The Singer Sewing Machine Company has published the complete list of serial numbers reserved for each production run of the Featherweight.Singer serial numbers Graham: For modern seamstresses, it's too basic, sewing only a straight stitch without even a reverse setting on early models. The combination free-arm model K is a rarer find in the United States than it is in England.The Singer No 2 was a giant industrial machine with a one-and-a-half-inch-wide flat belt, a machine that no lady and very few men could lift off the ground with ease. That is the only model of FW that Singer made with the switch on the light housing, all the others have the switch on the bed of the machine.Serial numbers are stamped on the underside of the machine, and consist of two letters, followed by six digits e.

Machines with the Chicago badge can fetch up to ,000.If you go to wind a bobbin and your needle bar keeps moving up and down, rather than disengaging, your handwheel needs adjustment.I replaced the felt drip pad on the bottom of the machine with the new one from the for information on how to remove your old feet and add the new ones.The later throat plate has seam allowance markings.Assuming each one averages 20, there were over 2, Featherweights made.

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