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As David [Leadbetter] always stresses in his coaching, you have to take care of all of these basic body conditions to avoid sloppy mistakes.The temptation to manipulate the position of the club with the hands during the early stages of the swing is one that too many golfers find hard to resist (pros included! Having initiated the sequence with a good moveaway (as per the previous pages), Morgan is now working on a drill that we use to check that the club and the body are working together in sync, and in balance, en route to the top of the backswing.the direction arrows illustrate the weight moving toward the front of the left foot and toward the heel of the right" width="664" height="456" id="image-1"/ It all comes back to the skeleton, how the individual muscles relate to each other and work together to optimise the strength in the whole body, not just in one specific area.

And this is where the science of biomechanics gets interesting.

My eyes were opened to all of the different techniques observed in the great players of each generation – from Bobby Jones, to Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo and Tiger Woods.

It was an invaluable learning experience and the association that we have today with a Leadbetter Academy here at Terre Blanche, has been key to our success in integrating the study of biomechanics into the training programmes that we offer.

With that sensation in the lower half of your body, you will find that working from this stance encourages you to work the arms and body together as you initiate the backswing sequence.

One of the bedrocks of David’s teaching is that one good move leads to another – a dynamic golf swing is a chain reaction.

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