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Dad, meanwhile, had been placed in a care home, as his dementia had got worse. While I was there, just after Mum died, Dad fell and broke his hip.Oh I can't tell you what a fun couple of weeks I had in early September 2014. I had a tricky drive to work, through some small floods, worrying that my little Honda City would not make it! Ah yes it's not all cocktails on the beach living in Phuket.the hotel is uphill a little, so you get a rather nice view! In the song "April Come She Will", Paul Simon sings "August Die She Must". My mother passed away in the early hours of August 29th, just over a year ago.I had spent 3 weeks in England in mid July and early August, and was still somehow hopeful that she'd fight off the Big C again.and you can ask questions on Twitter too :) I tend to mention the weather most days. Some really wet days and some really, really lovely sunny days. People often ask "what will the weather be like on these dates : xyz to xyz? First couple of days of August I was not in Phuket - we took a long weekend trip to Chumphon, my wife's hometown. August 5th I Tweeted "After a wet, wet night it's a grey morning here." August 6th the weather Tweet said "Good morning from a grainy Phuket (grainy = grey rainy)" August 7th - a really wet and windy day, yuk! Read more about out weekend - Rafting and Staying in Khao Lak. A bit sunny, a bit cloudy, might rain, might not rain. If you search Google you get all kinds of results, but often leading to webcams that are no longer operating or pages that are basically [email protected]

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Check out Laos - Valentines Day, with a women, beliefs, defined by and traditions Lao side of the.

Please do note that none of these webcams are anything to do with naughty nightlife. There is currently a very good website online called See It Live Thailand.

There are webcams all over the country from Phuket to Pattaya to Kanchanaburi to Koh Tao, all over! This webcam is on the top of Foto Hotel at Kata Beach (well, not right at the beach ..

But within a week of coming back to Phuket, the family was suggesting that I should get to England again.

So I flew back just a couple of days before she left us.

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