Validating a vision system

This makes it easy to effectively manage, control and update access to In-Sight vision systems according to production line or section of a production floor.

Each time a user attempts to access an In-Sight vision system, the In-Sight vision system encrypts the username and password and queries them to the server ensuring that login information is verified to current information.

Vision system vulnerabilities Like many other nodes of factory networks, traditional vision systems provide little protection against unauthorized access.

Communications between vision systems and other devices traditionally occurs without encryption which could leave data vulnerable to intended or unintended subversive action.

Due to their complexity, there are no currently recognized methods for fully validating most systems, therefore regular challenging of their operation is essential.

Another critical concern is unauthorized changes made internally to bypass inspections as well as unauthorized changes that may seem innocuous but are actually detrimental to the quality or integrity of the product.

The danger is particularly great for regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices where a failure of the manufacturing process could possibly lead to a customer injury.

How can you prove that your equipment’s inspection and test systems are maintaining their capabilities to effectively render an accurate quality assessment of your product?

Calibration is one method, but is often costly and difficult to perform on a routine basis.

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